The Dress

The Dress

How do you even begin to find the perfect dress? Well, there are so many ways to dive in. 

First, focus on finding the best silhouette for you and your body type. People will notice the top of your wedding dress over the beautiful hem at the bottom. Be sure it flatters you and won't be a pain (literally) all night long. 

Never choose a wedding gown because it's "trending." Look back at your mothers 1982 wedding gown and think... might this happen to me?

Bring your camera along for the dress shopping experience (but be sure the designers allow it if you go when a trunk show is happening.) Some boutiques keep certain gowns a secret until their debut for season, so be sure to ask.

Try on as MANY dresses as you need. According to Nicole Janowicz, celebrity wedding stylist, most dresses can look gorgeous on a hanger or a mannequin. Resist the temptation to judge a dress by it's hang look. "Once a dress is on a woman's body, it takes on a different shape and look," she says "This means that a bride will try on many dresses, and she should. I had a celebrity bride try on 27 dresses at a fitting in order to find the perfect reception dress. Just as it takes time to find a husband or wife, it takes time to find the perfect gown."

Here's the catch though - don't try on TOO many dresses. This can cause for some serious confusion. We just suggest you feel comfortable that you didn't miss out on a dress that you feel you should have tried. Find a bridal store that carries a few designers that you LOVE and that you feel understands your style.

Never feel like you have to bring an audience like it looks on TV. Maybe a friend and your mom or someone you really trust and value their opinion. It can become a "too many cooks in the kitchen" situation if you just bring everyone!

Wear a pretty new bra for fitting into dresses. You'll feel positive about yourself and your undies when stripping constantly in front of new friends of the boutique! 

When it comes to finalizing a size, don't be scared by the wedding industry sizes. They typically run two to three sizes larger than your regular size. If you can understand that you'll already be way ahead of the game. 

Ask a TON of questions. Be sure you know your gown, the designer, the fabrics, etc. This is an investment and a fun time to learn about your dress. People will ask you about it, so have some fun answers prepared and show it off! After all, this is your day to share with your most loved group of friends and family.